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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your fun castles suitable for indoor parties? 

Yes! All of our fun castles can be used both outdoors and indoors (space allowing). Click here for more information on the dimensions of our fun castles.

Which fun castles are currently available for rent?

Please call us anytime at  (441) 504-0054 for current availability. Please note that we may require advanced notice prior to rentals.

How many fun castles do you offer?

We have a current stock of 6 fun castles. Multiple fun castles can be rented for large events.

How many children can play on one fun castle?

Approximately 12-15 children can play happily, safely and comfortably on one of our fun castles. Please note that this is just an estimate!

How long does a fun castle take to set up?

Depending on location, fun castles take 10-20 minutes to assemble.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver the fun castle as well as any electrical cords required. Please note that our equipment is heavy and we cannot carry it up and down many flights of stairs or steep driveways.

My event doesn't have power. Do you have generators?

Yes, generators are available for rent. Please call us at  (441) 504-0054 for pricing and availability.

What happens if it rains?

Rentals are dependent on weather. Rain and excessive wind will result in cancellation.

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